Pet Boarding and Daycare

We offer pet boarding and daycare for lonely hearts.

Some pets are lonely hearts. When you leave the house for extended periods of time, they may become anxious and destructive, causing damage to not only your home but themselves. That’s why all of our clinics offer state-of-the-art pet boarding and daycare facilities. Our pet daycare gives pets a safe, fun environment to relax and enjoy personal attention while their owners are away—whether for a day or more!

Attentive Care and Medical Access

At Barrington Square Animal Hospital, we look forward to serving you and your pet not only for medical issues but wellbeing, too. When you’re away, whether for a day at work or longer, your dog may become a furry ball of stress. Turn your absence into a positive thing by making pet boarding and daycare as routine as your workday. At our daycare, pets can revel in a social, playful environment and forget all their worries. Our facility includes:

  • A large, outdoor area for running and frolicking
  • Indoor play rooms for rainy days or relaxing on cots
  • A variety of sleeping quarters for dogs comfortable in kennels, beds, cots, etc.
  • Full heated and air-conditioned building
  • Seamless floors and special walls that help keep the interior clean and healthy

Our staff includes groomers, trainers, dog walkers, and veterinary technicians, so your pet has plenty of attention—both for play, or medical care if needed.

So Much More Than Play

Pet boarding and daycare is more than a place for your dog to be distracted with play. It has long-lasting benefits that affect your dog’s overall wellbeing. Here are some positive outcomes of daycare:

  • Relief from boredom, loneliness, and anxiety
  • Socialization with other dogs as well as people
  • Much needed exercise and mental stimulation
  • Prevention of destructive tendencies and damage to your home

All of the staff are trained to understand your dog and give him or her the right attention. We understand dog behavior, have extensive dog handling skills, and know how to engage dogs in play as well as calm aggressive behavior. And most importantly, we keep your pet in a safe and healthy environment.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you can bring your pet to us, we have a few small requests. Firstly, you’ll have to register your dog with us before you can bring them in for boarding. Secondly, your dog needs to be up-to-date on all their vaccinations—for not only their health but the health of our other guests. Your dog must be vaccinated a minimum of 3 days before their stay for Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Bivalent Influenza.

Learn More

Call (847) 843-2226 to learn more about our pet daycare and boarding procedures offered at our Hoffman Estates Animal Hospital. Click the buttons below to fill out a boarding form for your pet!