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Cancer Care

Compassionate Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis for your pet is a devastating blow to receive as an owner. Your love and concern for them make the experience all the more stressful. Barrington Square Animal Hospital strives to offer your pet the best in animal cancer care and be there for both of you through these challenging times. Our clinics are equipped with diagnostic and treatment facilities that help us treat your furry companion on the path toward recovery.

One Step at a Time: Preliminary Diagnostics

The first step in animal cancer care is running the proper diagnostics. We offer a range of oncology services to fully understand your pet’s cancer, so we can treat it effectively. Tools such as ultrasound and x-ray are useful in observing your pet’s inner workings and are entirely non-invasive. However, to fully examine their internal organs, an endoscopic procedure is invaluable. Endoscopy consists of a flexible tube inserted into an orifice or incision. We can examine your pet’s gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, nose, ear canals, rectum, urinary bladder and so much more. It also allows us to take tissue biopsies to test for cancer. While the procedure does involve anesthesia, its less invasive nature makes the recovery process easier.

The Road to Recovery: Treatment Options

After we gain a thorough understanding of your pet’s cancer, we’ll develop a treatment program. Treatment options differ for each situation, but the most common and effective include mass removal and chemotherapy. Each pet’s experience is different, and our Doctors will help guide your family through the best option for your pet.


You’ve likely heard of chemotherapy as a treatment option for humans. It is a type of medication that kills cancer cells but also attacks healthy cells in the process, causing unwanted side-effects. All this might sound scary for your pet! Luckily, pet chemotherapy often has far fewer side effects than human medicine. Here are some important points regarding your pet’s chemotherapy:

  • Each chemotherapy treatment is different—it depends on your pet’s health and the type of cancer.
  • Treatment changes over time. We modify the chemotherapy protocol as needed to produce the best effects with the mildest side-effects.
  • Side effects are typically mild but can include more serious conditions such as bone marrow suppression, hair loss, and gastrointestinal upset.

Don’t Hesitate to Get in Touch

Your pet is a member of your family, and caring for them through cancer can be a stressful experience. But we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out—we’re available to offer you any support we can.

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